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Feb 6

Performance Anxiety too Much?

Posted by Leigh

Performance anxiety or stage fright is said to be one of the most common forms of phobias. I think it would be honest to say that we have all probably experienced some form of performance

Jan 14

New Year, New You?

Posted by Leigh

So 2012 is well and truly behind us and hopefully 2013 has welcomed us with open arms. The clock struck twelve as many of us will have taken the decision to set ourselves

Dec 14

Holiday Season- a weighty issue?

Posted by Leigh

As we fast approach the festive season watching your waist line can prove harder said than done for some, will power comes into play but just how strong are you when the mince pies are

Oct 26

Sticks and Stones my Break my Bones but Names will never ever Hurt me...

Posted by Leigh

A saying you may be familiar with or One that your parents told you in the past?, how true is this common saying really? Are we that indestructible that name calling and taunting never gets

Oct 17

Mind over matter?

Posted by Leigh

As expectant mothers across the land approach their due date and endure listening to the ever growing horror stories of how painful childbirth is, it is no wonder women are seeking alternative methods. Gone are

Oct 11

Kicking the habit for good, easier said than done?

Posted by Leigh

Stoptober launched at the beginning of the month with a 28 day campaign to stub out the cigarettes for good, with a packet of cigarettes costing over £8 and reports that the majority of smokers

Oct 4

Back to school kit- are students well equiped for the pressures of education?

Posted by Leigh

As thousands of young children, young people and young adults settle into their new schooling year we ask 'are they able to cope with the pressures that surround achieving a good education and fitting in

Sep 26

How important is that call,text or notification?

Posted by Leigh

It has been reported over the last month or so the increase in drivers continuing the use their hand held mobile phones whilst at the wheel of their car- which begs the question; "is that

Jul 1


Posted by Sam

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