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Welcome to the National Hypnotherapy Society website. Supporting our members, supporting the public and supporting the development of the profession of hypnotherapy.

The Society will be closed for Christmas from Tuesday 16th December until Tuesday 6th January. We will respond to queries as soon as possible on our return.
We wish you a happy festive season.

Complaints about staff

We welcome complaints as an important tool to continually improving our service.

Anyone who comes into contact with our service and is unhappy or dissatisfied can complain.

In the first instance please write to the Chief Executive of the Society - If you remain dissatisfied, you have the option of taking your complaint to the next stage by writing to the Chair the Society.

Once you have made a complaint to the Society, we aim to send you an acknowledgement within five working days.
We expect to respond to the majority of complaints within 28 working days of receiving the complaint. The time taken to respond will vary depending on the urgency and complexity of the complaint. If we are unable to respond within 28 working days because, for example, the matters you raise require more detailed work, we will let you know.

Once the Chair has considered your complaint and sent you a response, the decision is final. We will acknowledge any further correspondence from you but, unless it raises new issues that we consider significant, we will not send further replies.

If you would like to send us a compliment, make a comment or suggest an idea about improving our service please contact the Society.