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Woman, 20, beats Selective Eating Disorder with hypnotherapy

Posted by Richard Towey in General

A young Cornish woman has opened up about how she managed to defeat her unusual Selective Eating Disorder (SED) with just one hypnotherapy session, reports express.co.uk.    Hanna Little, 20, claims to have battled a reliance on chips for as... read more »


Three-fifths of Scots have 'potentially harmful' drinking habits

Posted by Samantha Bartlett in General

New research has discovered that 58 per cent of people from Scotland have "potentially harmful' drinking habits. The data was taken from the Global Drugs Survey which surveyed nearly 80,000 drug users from 43... read more »


Go cold turkey to beat a sugar addiction

Posted by Laura Varley in General

One of the best ways to beat a sugar addiction is to go cold turkey, cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality Dr Oz says. According to examiner.com, Dr Oz says that cutting sugar completely out of... read more »


Retiree uses hypnotherapy to beat chocolate addiction

Posted by Richard Towey in General

An ex-chocoholic has explained how she managed to beat her addiction to sweet treats with hypnotherapy. Janet Tansley, 63, resorted to psychotherapy after becoming worried about her consumption of one of life's simple pleasures.   Ms Tansley, of... read more »


Friends' photos may be more harmful than celebs to body image

Posted by Laura Varley in General

Looking at friends' photos could cause women to be more self-conscious about their body image than when they view celebrity 'selfies', a new study claims. According to bbc.co.uk, researchers from the University of Iowa, Ohio... read more »


Daily stress damaging practice managers’ health, researchers claim

Posted by Graeme Parton in General

Stress caused by the intensity and complexity of running a doctors' surgery has a negative impact on the health of some practice managers, a new study suggests. After questioning 216 practice managers across the UK,... read more »


Severe depression increases risk of heart disease by 40 per cent

Posted by Laura Varley in General

People suffering from moderate or severe depression are 40 per cent more likely to go on to develop heart disease later in life, a new study finds. According to forbes.com, the preliminary study was presented... read more »


New EU campaign will raise awareness of workplace stress risks

Posted by Samantha Bartlett in General

A new campaign related to workplace stress has been launched by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), according to west-info.eu. The 'Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress' campaign aims to raise awareness... read more »


Smoking likely to increase obesity risk in women

Posted by Samantha Bartlett in General

New research has found that women are likely to be more at risk from obesity and weight gain if they are a smoker, according to ndtv.com. A study, carried out by researchers at Washington... read more »


Obesity causes changes which 'ready' the colon for cancer

Posted by David Howells in General

Obesity brings about changes within the colon that could 'ready' it for cancer, new research from the US National Institute of Health notes. The study shows that obesity could be a precursor to colorectal cancer,... read more »