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X Factor contestant hoping to beat stage fright through hypnotherapy

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Controversial X Factor contestant Katie Waissell is searching for a hypnotherapist¬†to combat her stage fright, The Mirror reports today. According to sources at 3am online, Katie is "...at her wits' end and beginning to crack." After... read more »


Scientists claim a lack of time with phobias is behind the fear

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

The reason Britain's most common fear is spiders, is because we rarely see them face-to face scientists claim. Arachnophobia which affects around one in ten of the population, is often focused on a fear of tarantulas... read more »


Less than one in five smokers are trying to quit

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

The number of people trying to quit smoking has halved over the past three years. That's according to research from the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, which revealed that just 17 per cent of... read more »


Stressed teens could be twice as likely to develop a serious mood disorder

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

New research has revealed that there could be a link between the recent rise in depression rates and the increase in daily stress. The study authors explained that depression has become one of the most pressing... read more »


Grandmother faces height phobia for charity

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A grandmother of one with a fear of heights faced her phobia by taking part in a night-time abseil, in aid of charity. Tracy Beecham 45, took on the challenge of the midnight fundraiser to raise... read more »


One in five pull sickies because of stress

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

One in five people have taken time off for stress but the vast majority were too afraid to admit why they needed the time off. According to a study by mental health charity Mind, millions will... read more »


Blackpool captain overcame needle phobia to play in game

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

The captain of Blackpool Football Club was forced to face his¬†phobia of needles in order to play in the game against West Bromwich Albion. Club manager Ian Holloway revealed Charlie Adam needed a numbing injection before... read more »


Teacher loses weight to teach healthy eating

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A teacher who was teaching children to eat healthily whilst piling on the pounds herself, decided to practise what she preached. Deb Thomas from Newport South Wales, weighed 18 stone 4lbs and wore size 28 clothes.... read more »


Women shifts 9 stone to wear feminine clothes

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A woman who was so fat she only wore men's clothes can treat herself to a new wardrobe after losing 9 stone. Becky Wade avoided wearing jeans and vest tops as she was so ashamed at... read more »


NHS staff may ask home visit patients to not smoke during visits

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Staff from NHS Shetland who treat patients in their own homes may soon be able ask them not to smoke during visits or for a minimum of an hour beforehand. As reported by the Shetland Times,... read more »