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Slimmer of the year sheds over half of body weight in 18 months

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A woman was crowned slimmer of the year today after shedding more than half her body weight in just 18 months. As reported by The Daily Mail, Harriet Jenkins from Southampton weighed 26 stones and 7.5lbs... read more »


Survey highlights bizzare methods to reduce weight

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A recent survey has shown the extents women go to in order to reduce their weight when weighing themselves, reports The Mirror. To try and prove their weight loss tactics are working, British women are using... read more »


Bigger waist sizes in children indicate higher risk of developing heart problems

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Researchers have discovered that children with bigger waists have higher pulse pressures which means they're more likely to develop heart-related disorders. As reported by ScienceDaily, researchers analysed data from over 4,600 children aged between 6 and... read more »


Grandmother facing cancer urges fellow Scots to quit smoking

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Inspired by her baby granddaughter's fight for life, and her own battle with lung cancer, grandmother Jane Robb is urging her fellow Scots to stop smoking before it's too late. Speaking in today's Daily Record, Robb... read more »


Man too fat to put on socks will have weight loss surgery

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

The wife of a man whose belly is so big he hasn't been able to see his own feet for three years, has spoken of his decision to have gastric band surgery. Daniel Saunders weighs a... read more »


30 of women found childbirth 'traumatic'

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

What is meant to be a joyful experience is becoming a highly traumatic one for 30% of women around the UK, with many too scared to push, reports The Guardian. The NHS is responding to an... read more »


Binge drinking in adolescence alters how the body responds to stress

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Binge drinking in adolescence changes how the body responds to stress in adulthood, and could increase the risk of experiencing anxiety or depression in adulthood, according to new research. The study observed the effect of exposing... read more »


Alcohol does more harm than just damaging the liver

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Drinking alcohol does much more harm to the body than just damaging the liver, researchers have revealed. As reported by ScienceDaily, drinking can weaken the immune system, impair bone formation, slow down healing, boost the risk... read more »


Gillian McKeith admits phobia of spiders as she heads to the jungle

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

I'm A Celebrity contestant Gillian McKeith has such a phobia of spiders, she relies on a local taxi firm to help get them out of her house. The You Are What You Eat presenter admits her fear... read more »