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Mother-of-two sheds the stones through surgery

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Ashley Weller, a mother-of-two, has spoken out about her dramatic weight loss of 14 stones, after she took the drastic decision to undergo the surgeon's knife. After inheriting £8,000 unexpectedly from her Gran, the 24-year-old decided... read more »


Dentists offered chance to learn hypnotherapy

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Dentists and dental team members are being offered the chance to take part in hypnotherapy courses. The course will provide dental staff how to use the techniques employed in clinical hypnotherapy when treating clients with dental phobia. Dentistry.co.uk reports... read more »


Reality TV star unveils drastic weight loss

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Chanelle Hayes, former Big Brother star, has unveiled her new size six figure, just six months after giving birth to a baby boy. Speaking to Closer, the young mum has been completely open about how she... read more »


Jonathan Ross admits to gaining a stone over Christmas

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

TV star Jonathan Ross has revealed that he piled on a stone over the Christmas period. His weight gain has been so vast that he couldn't fit into his shiny suits. According to The Sun, the... read more »


Smoking takes minutes to cause damage, research finds

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Smoking can only take minutes to damage a person's body, as the chemicals that can cause cancer rapidly settle in the body. That's according to research undertaken by scientists in America; the results of which were... read more »


'Blue Monday' brings gloom to Britain

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Psychologists believe today will be the most depressing day of the year, with many dubbing it 'Blue Monday'. That's according to the Daily Mail, who reported that the third Monday of January is statistically the most... read more »


Star Wars actress admits 'I'm fat!'

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Most famed for playing the role of Princess Leia, a subject of male fantasies across the world, Carrie Fisher has spoken out about her considerable weight gain over the past few years, admitting to reporters:... read more »