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NHS failing underage alcoholics

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Sending children home after a harrowing experience with alcohol is counter-productive to tackling addiction, reports The Independent. A new report from the NHS claims that hospitals are failing under-age drinkers by simply helping them to sober... read more »


Cheryl Cole to quit smoking for US X Factor

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Geordie superstar Cheryl Cole has allegedly been told to quit smoking if she wants a place on the American edition of X Factor, reports The Daily Mail. The news website suggests that Cole is having elocution... read more »


Hypnotherapy aids breast cancer recovery

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer has championed the benefits of hypnotherapy, after using hypnosis to aid her recovery. Frances Duffy was so delighted with how hypnotherapy helped her battle against the life-threatening disease that she felt compelled to share her experience with... read more »


Charlie Sheen's addictions 'as dangerous as cancer', says father

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Actor Martin Sheen has spoken out against his son Charlie's addictions, likening them to cancer, reports The Guardian. Martin Sheen, who was being interviewed for Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, said Charlie needed help and sympathy... read more »


Many diets fail because of high expectations

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Many dieters become disheartened by weight loss plans after setting their targets too high, according to Msn.com. The website has suggested that losing just five per cent of body weight could be enough to reduce the risk... read more »


Stop smoking campaigners hail inflation rise

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Stop smoking campaigns in south-east Northumberland have hailed George Osborne's recent Budget, praising the rise above-inflation rise implemented for cigarettes. This change will see British smokers pay 50 pence more for each packet of 20 cigarettes... read more »


Hypnotherapy helped to relax teachers

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Teachers at a school in Cambridgeshire have been offered hypnotherapy sessions, in a bid to help them relax and unwind from the everyday stresses of teaching. According to PR Web, the staff of Trumpington's Fawcett Primary... read more »


Albert Hammond Jr. confesses about addiction

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

The Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has confessed to having been addicted to drugs during the recorded of the group's latest album. According to Spin magazine, Hammond Jr. checked himself into a "hardcore" rehab centre and... read more »


Diabetics urged to stop smoking

Posted by Hypnotherapy Society in General

Diabetics who smoke have been urged to kick the habit after a new study revealed smoking could cause health complications, according to TopNews.ae. Experts at the 241st national meeting of the American Chemical Society discovered that nicotine... read more »