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Hypnotherapy can help cure long-term stomach problems

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Hypnotherapy could be an effective long-term cure for children with stomach pains, according to a new study. Researchers from The Netherlands have indicated that youngsters suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or chronic stomach aches could benefit... read more »


Arachnaphobe uses hypnotherapy to ease fear

Posted by Paul Smithson in General

A hypnotherapy session has allowed one arachnaphobe's steadily increasing fear of spiders to be eased. In an article for Express.co.uk, Laura Jackson described how she went on a group class and found that some people... read more »


Imogen Thomas seeks hypnotherapy for "cake addiction"

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Glamour model Imogen Thomas has started hypnotherapy sessions in order to beat a "cake addiction." Although far from being overweight, the former 'Big Brother' star is desperate to overcome her comfort eating habit in order... read more »


Practice feeling relaxed to improve sleeping pattern

Posted by Paul Smithson in General

It can help people who have difficulty sleeping to practice feeling relaxed or utilise smells to alter emotional states, a healthcare expert has claimed. Kirsty Hanly, a cognitive hypnotherapist, wrote on her Huff Post Lifestyle... read more »


Cigarette vending machines banned in Wales

Posted by Deborah Bates in General

An official ban on cigarette vending machines has come into effect in Wales, following on from a similar ban implemented in England. Any businesses caught using these vending machines could be subject to a £2,500... read more »