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Grief can lead to premature deaths, scientists discover

Posted by Elizabeth Smythe in General

Scientists have discovered that dying of a broken heart is a real possibility, telegraph.co.uk reports.  It is not uncommon for an individual to pass away just months or even weeks after a loved one has died. Now,... read more »


£15bn spent on insomnia treatments each year in UK

Posted by Deborah Bates in General

Britons spend some £15 billion on insomnia treatments each year, including medicine, special pillows and hypnotherapy sessions. This is because there is "no one-size-fits-all" method for those struggling to sleep, according to Thisislondon.co.uk. Whilst medication... read more »


Almost six out of ten teenagers smoke during pregnancy

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Almost six out of ten teenagers continue to smoke whilst they are pregnant, according to new figures. Statistics released by The Department of Health have indicated that a quarter of mothers in the UK smoke... read more »


Stacy Solomon considering hypnotherapy to help her quit smoking

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Stacy Solomon is considering hypnotherapy in order to help her give up smoking. The X Factor star shocked the world when she was recently photographed puffing on cigarettes, despite being seven months pregnant with her second child. The Daily Mirror... read more »


Darren Fletcher turns to hypnotherapy to help cure bowel problem

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Manchester United star Darren Fletcher is turning to hypnotherapy in a bid to make a safe return to professional football. The Scottish international has admitted that he will be unable to play again this season after developing a rare inflammatory... read more »