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Could hypnotherapy help England avoid another defeat?

Posted by Elizabeth Smythe in General

Yet another football tournament ended with an English exit due to penalties, independent.co.uk reports.  After 120 minutes of agonising play left the England-Italy Euro 2012 quarter final match goal-less - despite several near-misses on either side... read more »


Hypnotherapy helped facial surgery patient find self-confidence

Posted by Paul Smithson in General

A woman who had surgery on her face following an accident has described how hypnotherapy helped her regain her confidence. Jilly Cutting, from Norfolk, told eveningnews24.co.uk that the scars "on the outside" healed after her accident... read more »


Gastric bypass surgery increases risk of alcoholism

Posted by Joe Elvin in General

Gastric bypass surgery patients could have an increased risk of becoming alcoholics, according to new research. A Pittsburgh Medical Centre study of 2,000 gastric bypass patients has indicated that the procedure could increase the chances... read more »


Agony aunt suggests hypnotherapy to conquer train fear

Posted by Paul Smithson in General

Agony aunt Coleen Nolan has urged a reader with a phobia of trains to seek help from a hypnotherapist. Writing for thesun.co.uk, the columnist explained that hypnotherapy could help them to understand what is at... read more »


Boot camps fast becoming favourite with celebrities

Posted by Deborah Bates in General

Hardcore boot camps, designed to help attendees shed a lot of weight in a short amount of time, are becoming firm favourites with celebrities - such as reality television stars like Gemma Collins. According to... read more »