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Clowns Protest At 'evil' Theme Park Attraction

Although usually associated with fun and laughter, there is no doubt that clowns also have a darker side, leading to conditions such as coulrophobia.

Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns, personified in Stephen King's "IT," the scary clown has become an integral part of horror stories and fairground attractions. However, one theme part has been accused of taking things a step too far.

In preparation for Halloween, Alton Towers' are promoting their new attraction the 'Carnival of Screams' which features a "freakish circus troupe," which is based in a travelling fun house that has been taken over by evil clowns. But clowns from Zippos Circus are failing to see the funny side, saying the attraction "reinforces an unfair stereotype" and "portrays clowns as evil."

The group are planning to protest at the theme park in Staffordshire in an effort to have the Carnival of Screams taken off the agenda.

"It's very unfair to portray us as evil. I have always been a clown, I have grown up around clowns, my father and my grandfather were clowns and we are not evil," said 40 year old Janerik Brenner. Mr Brenner who is also known as Fips the Clown said the attraction is likely to have a detrimental effect on his livelihood.

"I think the attraction will make people view us in the wrong sort of light. It could even have a knock-on effect, once children have got it into their heads that clowns are evil and scary, it stays with them and it makes our job a lot, lot harder. It could even stop us getting work because parents will stop having clowns at their children's parties if they think they will be frightened," he added.

Anyone suffering from coulrophobia or any other phobia should use clinical hypnotherapy to help them beat their fear. Hypnotherapy treatment is combined with neuro linguistic programming to teach the client how to use their conscious mind to overcome feelings in their unconscious where irrational feelings and beliefs are kept.