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Could Hypnotherapy Help England Avoid Another Defeat?

Yet another football tournament ended with an English exit due to penalties, independent.co.uk reports. 

After 120 minutes of agonising play left the England-Italy Euro 2012 quarter final match goal-less - despite several near-misses on either side - the fate of the game was ultimately to be decided by England's nemesis, the penalty shoot-out.

Although England took the lead early due to a miss by midfielder Riccardo Montolivo, the advantage was given up when Italian goalie Gianluigi Buffon saved Ashley Cole's lack-lustre shot and Ashley Young's attempt missed entirely.

However, before the shoot-out began, the players and viewers alike sadly knew what the outcome would be. England's woeful track record with penalties is well-known. Four out of the last six major tournament defeats happened by this means, suggesting it could be a psychological stumbling block that the Three Lions have yet to address.

It could be that hypnotherapy is the key for this struggling team, especially given that the World Cup 2014 qualifiers are coming up later in the year. It seems that the pressure and nerves just become too much for England's players - something that a hypnotherapist could help them learn how to overcome.

It's definitely worth a shot, given the disappointing performance of Sunday night - especially during the penalty shoot-out, which Italy seemed far more mentally prepared for. Montolivo defiantly told uefa.com: "We don't fear anybody".