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Germ Phobia Patient Celebrates Hypnotherapy Success At Theme Park

A woman who had a severe phobia of germs has eased her fears with the help of a hypnotherapist and celebrated at Scotland's Theme Park M&D's. 

Gail Cameron, who first spoke publicly about her fear of germs and vomiting in 2007, wrote on thescottishsun.co.uk that her treatment has allowed her to cut her hand-washing time in half, as well as enjoy her meal times much more - actually enjoying food rather than worrying.

To celebrate, Ms Cameron rode the log flume at Motherwell's M&D's with her hypnotherapist. She remarked: "Plunging over the top for the first time, my tummy did an impressive back flip and lurched into my mouth. But instead of sending me into meltdown, I whooped with excitement, threw my hands in the air and lived for the moment. And I even went round a second time - result!"

The reporter described how she is starting to feel "normal"; previously she had taken to opening doors with a handkerchief and spent years avoiding kissing anyone due to her fear of saliva.

Phobias can strike people in different ways and any number of unique issues has been recorded by medics. According to dailymail.co.uk, a five-year-old from Nottingham this week overcame his phobia of eating and drinking.

Daniel Harrison, who has autism, developed the fear as a baby due to a painful case of acid reflux, but medical professionals in Austria have now helped him have his first bottle of milk.