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Government Search For Cheaper Methods To Tackle Obesity

The Government are reportedly looking for cheaper alternatives to weight loss surgery, according to a report in The Independent.

The newspaper recently reported that over £4 billion of taxpayers money was being spent operations to protect obese people from dangerous illnesses.

In the UK, £49 million was spent on gastric bypasses alone last year.

Emma Boon of the Taxpayers Alliance said: "Patients are being denied life-saving treatments so it's staggering that cheaper alternatives aren't being explored for obesity." 

The revelations may cause NHS bosses to consider prescribing lesser known weight loss treatments such as hypnotherapy.

An emerging trend amongst hypnotherapists is to make their patients believe that they have received weight loss surgery, which would certainly be a cheaper alternative than actually performing the operations.

The Daily Mail recently spoke to a family who have received more than £1.2 million in slimming treatments from the NHS.

David and Zaneta Jones and their 15-year-old son will soon all have had operations on their stomach in order to control their weight.

Zaneta, who still weighs 18 stone, said: "I can see why people resent the money spent on it, especially if they have an ill relative the NHS is struggling to fund treatment for.

"Perhaps we should pay extra for our health care - but then people who drink or take drugs should too. Obesity is a mental illness and an addiction." 

Hypnotherapists can work with obese people to identify why they choose to eat so much and patients can often leave actually wanting to exercise and eat healthily.