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Hypnosis Proven To Aid Birthing

A survey claims that 95 per cent of mothers had benefited from hypnotherapy techniques leading up to giving birth.

The most significant finding is that the need for cesarean sections were reduced by 10 per cent out of the 1,251 women who took part.

This is a drop from the national rate of 25 per cent requiring cesarean, according to a press release by the natal hypnotherapy team who published the results via Responcesource.co.uk.

The ability to prevent surgical intervention during birth normally results a less painful, and more positive birthing experience claimed the report authors.

Hypnotherapist expert and chair of the natal hypnotherapy group, Maggie Howell, said: "In our society, fear has become the overriding emotion pregnant women feel about childbirth ? something fuelled by TV depictions and horror stories other mums love to tell.

"We have not been brought up to see birth as a positive thing, so we've lost confidence in our own ability to give birth naturally and so go into it fearful and anxious ? feelings which cause much of the pain and complications in birth."

The findings are to be discussed in full at the 1st World Congress of Obstetrics Gynaecology and Andrology (WCOGA 2011) in London this month.

Up to 88 per cent of mothers said that their fears about giving birth had been reduced by hypnotherapy. 72 per cent said that they felt more calm during birth, and 61 per cent claimed to manage their pain during labour.

The numbers will be of relevance to the NHS - who are currently funding research into the use of hypnosis for future mothers.

Over 2,300 midwifes in the UK are now recommending natal hypnotherapy techniques the report claims.