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Hypnotherapy Cures Woman's Shopping Addiction

Self-confessed shopaholic Kathryn Spencer has revealed how hypnotherapy saved her from her addiction.

Spencer recently spoke to The Daily Express describing how she couldn't see the floor in her spare room due to the amount of clothes she has bought on the high street.

She also told how the growth of online shopping has further fuelled her obsession - as the ease of making a luxury purchase from the comfort her living room proved too much to resist time and again.

"Late at night after a wine or three, I often hit online retail sites and with one click of the mouse something is winging its way to me," she said.

"My shopping fix has become an addiction I have to overcome - which is why I have turned to hypnotherapy."

Spencer described how visiting a local hypnotherapist not only helped cure her shopping obsession but also improved her morale and self-esteem.

Since her visit, not only does she no longer feel the need to make unnecessary purchases but is also losing weight and maintaining a much healthier lifestyle.  

Susan Hepburn, a leading hypnotherapist based in London, told paulfarquhar.com: "Shopaholism is a growing problem in our consumer society, which is constantly pushing more and more tempting merchandise to us."

"Addictions are learned behaviour as no-one is born an addict. Hypnotherapy can reprogramme the mindset easily and instantly."