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Hypnotherapy Offered To Couples Planning Their Wedding

A new trend is emerging of soon-to-be married couples receiving hypnotherapy to calm their pre-wedding worries.

In a bid to help them deal with nerves and public speaking anxiety, more hypnotherapists are taking to pitching stand as wedding fairs to help the jittery couples out.

Therapy expert Jim Kerwin told the Redditch Advertiser of the new trend, "The service is for the best man, the groom, the father of the bride or even the bride herself, anyone really who has to stand up in front of a crowd.

"Often, people who have to give speeches at weddings have never done it before and it can be very nerve-wracking. I've seen it ruin some people's day but it shouldn't be like that."

Mr Kerwin added that the hypnotherapy course would involve boosting confidence, alleviating stress and easing their public speaking nerves.

A typical course of this nature would involve addressing underlying issues, changing a person's internal beliefs about themselves, projecting their life into the future and setting small but achievable goals. It can help those who find that even just the thought of public speaking leaves their throat dry or their mind blank.

Self-help expert Jessica Stillman wrote on bnet.com how "anxiety grabs onto self-critical talk such as 'I'll do a terrible job... What happens if the slide show fails... What happens if they don't like my jokes.' Your task is not to feed your anxiety with this type of talk but change it into 'I can do this... I will follow my rehearsed plans...This is manageable.'"