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James Blake Discusses Pressure Surrounding Debut Album Release

One of Britain's up-and-coming musicians has spoken about the industry expectation surrounding his debut album, claiming he doesn't feel pressured by it.

James Blake is one name on every music critic's lips; he topped Best of 2011 lists across the country, and received regular play on Radio 1.

Last week, the London producer released his debut album and much is expected of him, including a top-ten spot with his self-titled debut album. However according to Digital Spy, he said he's not worried about responses to his record - because he did the best he could.

Talking to The Scotsman, Mr Blake said: "Pressure isn't real - it just isn't. I can't make my album any better now it's done. My attitude to everything has always been: do the most honest job you can."

Musicians are perhaps more prone to stress than other professions because it's more of a vocation, and they rarely switch off from work. There have been many high profile cases where musicians haven't been able to cope with the weight of expectations thrust upon them - such as what's known as 'the curse of the sophomore album' - in the same way that people can't cope if they have a mounting inbox at work, or the way students feel pressured to excel in exams. 

There have been a few high profile cases of musicians using hypnotherapy to give them greater success in their careers. Whether it's utilising hypnotherapy to help them cope with stress, or to overcome stage fright like popstar Sunday Girl, it's a proven technique that improves the mind and has positive effects on personal and professional lives.