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More And More Britons Admit To Gambling Problem

The number of gamblers in the UK is soaring as 73 per cent of Brits admit to having a flutter, according to research.

A survey from the Gambling Commission, as reported by DailyMail.co.uk, suggests that this figure has been rising since 2007, where only 68 per cent admitted they have been gambling.

The number of gambling addicts has also risen. 0.9 per cent, or 451,000 people, are now considered to be gambling addicts compared to the 0.6 per cent figure from 2007.

Gambling Commission chairman Brian Pomeroy told DailyMail.co.uk: "A small, but probably growing, proportion of the population have serious problems with gambling. This reinforces our determination to see that gambling regulation continues to both minimise the risk to those individuals and ensure that the majority of people can continue to gamble safely."

Tourism Minister John Penrose has slammed the previous government, blaming liberal gambling laws for the increase in addicts.

"The increase in problem gambling is a direct result of Labour's reckless Gambling Act," he said. "The Labour government liberalised gambling laws but failed to implement the safeguards needed to protect the public and as a result the number of problem gamblers has risen to almost half a million," he added.

Those with a gambling problem should consider visiting a hypnotherapist to determine the root cause for their addiction. Hypnotherapy helps cure addicts by emotionally rebuilding their strength and redeveloping self-confidence and worth.