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Obses Man Loses Weight To Win £10,000 Bet

A morbidly obese man shed half his body weight to win a £10,000 bet.

Junk food lover Peter Ajello's binges on burgers, pancakes and pizza caused his weight to balloon to 203kg (32st). A stroke encouraged Peter to take control of his weight and, after friends were astounded by his initial weight loss of 22kg, they bet him that he couldn't lose double that in the following five months.

The weight continued to fall off Peter, despite his friends' attempts to sabotage his slimming efforts. They had chicken wings and pizzas sent to his house each night, but the cash prize was enough of an incentive as he refused to crack.

After the five months, Peter came in even lighter than his target weight leaving his mates £10,000 out of pocket. He used the money he won from his friends to pay for a £6,000 operation to remove a fold of excess skin from his belly.

Peter achieved his 18st weight loss by cutting out all junk food and alcohol, although he allowed himself the occasional square of chocolate to satisfy his sweet cravings.

There are a range of techniques that can be used to lose weight and clinical hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular method. It works by retraining the part of the client's mind where beliefs about food are held, thus making it easier to change the way the person thinks about food.

"I don't think they thought I could do it, but I was determined to prove them wrong. I was known as the guy who could eat and eat. In college, my friends would set me eating challenges - it made me feel popular," Peter told the Metro.

"It was tough, but I kept rewarding myself with bits of chocolate and the fat melted away," he added.