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One In Five Brits At Risk Of Having A Stroke, Due To Stress

One in seven British people are "extremely stressed", putting them at increased risk of having a stroke, reports Medical News Today.

One in five females and one in ten males believed their stress levels were "out of control" according to recent research, which was collated after 2,000 Brits were surveyed by the Stroke Association. High stress levels can cause a range of distressing illness, including stroke, and can put a strain on sufferers' hearts and blood pressure.

"The research is incredibly worrying," claims a representative for the Stroke Association, James Beeby. "[It] emphasises the need for the public to be aware of the dangers of stroke - the UK's third biggest killer."

The figures were collated as part of the Stroke Associations' campaign to highlight the dangers, after statistics showed stroke killed 67,000 people in England and Wales last year, according to the Daily Mail.

With the increasing pressures the 21st century has brought to Britons - including financial and work pressures - it is not surprising the figures are so high. Those experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety should consider consulting a hypnotherapy directory to find a professional therapist who can help them work through their issues.

Although feelings of stress and anxiety can appear to be provoked by outside entities, it can also be that underlying emotional triggers are adding to the feelings. Therapists can work with their patients to identify these and talk through them, finding ways in which to resolve any problems and ultimately lead to a more relaxed, happier lifestyle.