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Sports Drinks Are A Waste Of Money Says Expert

Fitness enthusiasts and gym goers that are trying to lose weight are just wasting money buying energy sports drinks, an industry expert has said.

The popular drinks are more suited to those training for events such as marathons and just causes regular exercisers to consumer extra calories, thus hindering any weight loss efforts.

Virgin Active's national fitness manager Nick Hudson told the Daily Mail that those exercising for less that two hours a time, generally did not benefit from the drinks.

"Many people drink energy drinks in the belief they will give them more energy to exercise harder. But many are simply "calorie drinks" and drinking them means you'll have to train longer or harder to shift the calories that you take in from the drink itself," he said.

"They are useful for people who compete in events where they'll be exercising in excess of two hours. But those doing shorter, more intense workouts don't really benefit physiologically," he added.

The research could encourage those attending the gym in an effort to shift the pounds, to stop buying such sports drinks and instead use the money on other weight loss aides.

Clinical hypnotherapy is an popular method which can be used along side gym attendance by those wanting to lose weight. The hypnotherapist retrains the clients mind eradicating false beliefs about food and exercise which could be obstructing their weight loss efforts.