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Women Are Happier When They're Slim, Not When They're In A Relationship

Being slim gives a woman more satisfaction than being in a relationship, according to a 24-year study.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the researchers from Berlin found that a woman's weight has a stronger effect on her spirits than her love life. They found that being obese makes a woman more unhappy than being single, and being slim provides her with more satisfaction than a relationship.

The study was carried out over 24 years, and looked at the ups and downs of the lives of thousands of Germans.

The findings were supported by Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist, who told The Daily Mail: "I have worked with many overweight women and their weight is always on their minds. And not at the back of their minds, but at the forefront, because we live in a society that is constantly evaluating shape, size and attractiveness."

She added: "People who are obese are stigmatised by people thinking they are stupid or lazy or just don't care."

However, being single is much more socially acceptable than being obese, explains Dr Spurr: "Someone might say 'She's single, but she's lovely'. A single woman may be incredibly lonely but have much more hope."

Any obese woman looking to slim down in a bid to become happier should consider hypnotherapy for weight loss. It drastically changes a person's relationship with food, altering the way they eat and think about food, to help them become a slimmer, happier person.

The research also revealed that a good home life makes people happier than a glittering career, being sociable and exercising boosts life satisfaction, and not having enough work makes people more miserable than being overworked.