Training Providers

Welcome to the Course assessment section of the National Hypnotherapy Society website. As a training provider your students and graduates will be reassured that your course is run ethically and responsibly – and is recognised by an independent professional association that holds an accredited voluntary register under the Professional Standards Authority AVR scheme.


The Application Process

All applications must be received on a signed application form.

The initial application fee for training accreditation is £250, with a further and final £250 due at the stage of any site visit. Annual fees thereafter are £300 per year paid by standing order. The first annual fee is payable one year after the date of first accreditation.

For courses previously unknown to the Society (e.g. courses whose graduates have never applied for membership), courses recently created, or at the Society’s discretion, the Society may grant a provisional Quality Checked status for a course applying for accreditation (if our standards are met)for one year prior to granting accreditation. This is to enable the Society to audit the quality of the course and its applicants graduating from the course in more depth prior to granting accreditation.

It is expected that Accredited Training Providers ensure that all students join the Society as student members and maintain this membership during training.

On graduation, Accredited Training providers should only confirm that graduates are ready to practice (i.e. through the issuance of relevantly worded internally awarded certificates or Diplomas) if graduates are Society members who are entering the society’s register.

Accreditation may be terminated in any year where the course appears to be inactive, i.e. an insufficient amount of enrolments and/or completions are recorded.

We ask that the course leader from your training organisation apply for and be accepted as a member of the Society. We encourage all your tutors to join us too and if we accredit your course we will ask that a majority of your tutors become individual members of the Society.

The Application Form

You will be assigned an individual officer of the National Hypnotherapy Society to help with your application – we want to offer you a high level of personal service from the start. Once you have completed the application form please use the checklist within to ensure that you attach the supporting evidence required.

Send everything through to us at:

The National Hypnotherapy Society
19 Grafton Road
West Sussex
BN11 1QT

We recommend using recorded delivery.

We will confirm receipt and then process your application (this takes approximately 12 weeks and we will contact you during that period as needed).