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Welcome to the Join Us section of the National Hypnotherapy Society website. This section is designed for people who are applying for individual membership.

Use this section to find out all the benefits, criteria and how to apply.


Some of our most frequently asked questions relating to becoming a member can be found below. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please fill in the form below to contact us.

  • Can I join the National Hypnotherapy Society if I am already a member of another professional body?

    Yes of course – it is your choice to belong to as many professional bodies as you choose. If you are a member of a relevant professional body then we may be able to fast track your membership application.

  • Are you the same as the Hypnotherapy Society?

    Yes – the Society changed its name and logo in early 2012. The Hypnotherapy Society has evolved into the National Hypnotherapy Society (HS) and we have a new website and new stationery and other materials such as membership certificates.

  • Can I still join you if I can’t find all of my qualification certificates?

    It is very important that we carry out rigorous checks backed up by relevant evidence when processing membership applications. Do contact us to discuss this and we will do our best to help you – for example you may be able to get alternative proof of your qualifications.

  • Can I pay my membership fee by cheque?

    We do not accept cheques to pay for membership fees. We will send you a standing order mandate form to complete which we will process and send to your bank. This helps us keep costs to a minimum and this is reflected in our membership fees. Once a standing order is in place with your bank then your annual membership fee will be paid automatically each year.

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