“I've been a member of the Society for over seven years now and it's great to belong to such a highly professional body which is always there to offer support and answer any questions. Working as individuals in our own businesses means we don't always have colleagues to share and discuss matters with; however, the HS is there to fulfil that role for us.”

— Angela

“The HS strives to be a professional body par excellence, and to impress upon all its members to engage in a personal quest to be responsible for their individual sense of 'constant and ongoing improvement' - to be the best each professional can be, and to deliver contemporary hypnotherapy in a present, nurturing, and professional way.”

— Deborah

“I believe two important components go to making a successful hypnotherapist – having an experienced supervisor along with the professionalism provided by the Society. I, for one, am well aware of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that is carried out on our behalf – it is always much appreciated.”

— Helen

“I don't think anyone can reasonably deny the value of being a member of the professional body that supports their profession, and where that professional body provides the degree of support and direction that the Society offers its members, then the advantage is unquestionable.”

— John

“As a recent graduate of a National Hypnotherapy Society accredited course, I am really looking forward to setting up my own private practice and following a completely new career path. However, sometimes it can feel a bit daunting, and this is when I appreciate being a member of a professional governing body like the HS because it provides such valuable support. I can trust their ethical guidelines, find an approved supervisor and make use of the workshops they offer for continuing professional development. There are even marketing opportunities available, so for someone like me who's new to the profession, membership brings very real benefits.”

— Josie

“I have always found the Society to be most professional and insightful.  I belong to several organisations so I am able to speak with some experience and justification. The HS is a professional organisation and is most innovative; I am proud to be associated with the HS goes from strength to strength.”

— Tom

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