1. The National Hypnotherapy Society is not responsible for any therapeutic services such as counselling offered by any of its members via this website.  Users of the therapist finder tool on this site do so entirely at their own risk and any issues of treatment should be raised directly with the member themselves.
  2. The HS is not responsible for the outcome of any training offered by a member training organisation.  Use of the trainer finding tool on the website is done entirely at the risk of the user.
  3. While every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of information on this website, no guarantee can be given that the website reflects Society policies or extant documents, procedures or similar at the time at which the user visits the website.
  4. Members of the Society are responsible for updating their details with the Society to ensure up to date representation on the website.
  5. Cancellation of membership must be notified to The Society (and relevant acknowledgement given) in writing at least one month prior to renewal. The Society is unable to issue refunds.
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