Renata Karlinskaite

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP16-03470

Location: Dunstable

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, who provides mobile hypnotherapy & hypnoanalysis sessions in the comfort of your home in Hemel Hempstead, Dunstable, St Albans & surrounding areas. I can support people with issues such as anxiety, stress, self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, confidence, motivation, performance enhancement, weight loss and management, fears & phobias, behavioural issues, unwanted habits, bereavement, loss and more.

In addition, I am a qualified Yoga teacher, Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer, and like to help people to improve and maintain their health and well-being, and balance their mind and body as a whole system.

Getting Started:

- After your enquiry we shall arrange a no obligation 10-15 min phone conversation to talk about your goals and what you are seeking for with hypnotherapy, and how I can help you.
- If you like to work with me, I shall arrive to your home for the first session, which is an initial consultation. A quiet place in your lounge or living room (bedroom not suitable) will be needed for the therapy.
- I shall create a hypnotherapy treatment and work with you to suit your individual needs and help you to overcome your challenges so you feel free to leave your obstacles behind you and begin a new positive chapter in your life.

Here is what my client Louise says:

"I have always struggled with motivation to exercise and disliked most forms of exercise. I was doubtful that hypnotherapy would work but I was looking forward to it nonetheless.

I have found the whole process amazing and eye-opening. Talking through the issues has been helpful and therapeutical. Renata helped me to discover the link with exercise and my childhood, and explored my negative feeling towards exercise and learned behaviours associated with my childhood. Renata created my hypnotherapy treatment based on this and I found the treatment to be completely successful. I look at exercise in a different way now.

I feel much more freedom knowing that I enjoy exercise more and that I can achieve my goals of confidence, heightened self-esteem and weight loss and body toning with enjoyment. I feel like I am good at exercise now and I no longer feel self-conscious or embarrassed. It has given me energy and enrichment to my life."

  • Qualifications & Experience
    - Qualified Hypnotherapist
    - AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Counseling Skills and Theory
    - Weight Loss & Advanced Techniques Training
    - Hypno-Attraction Training
    - How to Break Habits Training
    - Performance Enhancement Training
    - Hypnoanalysis Training
    - Hypno-Gastric Band Training
    - Self-Acceptance Training
    - Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy Training
    - Hypnotherapy for Addictions & Habits Training
    - Qualified Yoga Teacher & Fitness Professional & Personal Trainer
    - DBS cleared and Insured
  • What I can help with
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Driving tests
    • Emotional issues
    • Exams
    • Hypno-band (weight loss)
    • Job interviews
    • Panic attacks
    • Phobias: dentists
    • Phobias: flying
    • Phobias: heights
    • Phobias: spiders
    • Public speaking: stage fright
    • Relaxation
    • Self esteem
    • Self-defeating behaviours
    • Shyness
    • Sporting performance
    • Start exercising
    • Stop smoking
    • Stress
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome / m.e.
    • Ibs
    • Ptsd
    • Sleep
    • Immune system support
    • Childbirth: labour
    • Childbirth: fertility
    • Childbirth: pregnancy