Mr Damon Forshaw

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP17-04569

Location: Salford

A brief few words about me to tell you a little about me and how i came to be a 'Well-being coach'

My journey of self discovery began around seven years ago. I came to realise that my past experiences had been holding me back in life and they were impacting on my self-worth, self-belief and my confidence.

After spending a couple of years travelling, meeting new people and seeing the world from a different perspective. The conversations I shared with people from around the world and the books I was reading changed my outlook of life, which left me wanting to understand more.

I became fascinated with the power of the human mind after experiencing how a change in thought pattern and behaviour can produce such dramatic changes to my life.

After experiencing the many improvements in my life, I decided to go one step further and completed training in many solution based techniques. I have developed the knowledge and skills to make those same positive changes too their own lives, like i have with mine.